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The isolated city of Malenfance is threatened by a strange invader inhabitants are forced to welcome. Some people arrange with the situation and take benefit from it ; others try to run away. Surrounded by wolves, the forest becomes the only refuge.

I began to work on an adaptation of the novel " The wolves of Malenfance " (1949) from Luc Bérimont while I led an artistic residency (2010 - 2011) as guest of the New Patrons program of Fondation de France in Ferrière-la-Grande. This city of 5500 inhabitants located near Maubeuge, is where was grown my father, Luc Bérimont. During my residency, places and people I met in my everyday travels were putting me back to the novel, in a ceaseless mirror effect.

Production : Pierre Yves Jourdain - Méroé Films

> Link to the residency "Interlignes"