Baldo-1 Baldo-2 Baldo-3 Baldo-4 Baldo-5
Teaser, voice over, end to end editing, pair of boots and multi-screens installation

Baldo and Gégé Phacos, Pat Cavaliers, Lina from Paris, Jean-Baptiste Guillot, Ophélie Damblé, Marc Zermati, Tony Truant, Yannick Le Metayer, Rudie, Tony Marlow, Nicus, Tai-Luc, Dédé macchabée, Chris Fuzz, Émile Pupils, Daniel Chéribibi, Étienne Nicolas

Editing of the teaser : Léo Lochmann

Director : Élise Leclercq Bérimont
Artistic adviser : Marguerite Vappereau
Frame executive : Aloyse Leledy
Image executive : Kyrill Charbonnel
Sound recording and organization of the shooting : Hélène Audoyer
Photographer of the shooting : Pauline Fouché

This project arose from the meeting between my artistic practice and from people involved in the Parisian independent rock 'n' roll scene that I'm close to for a long time. Beyond the interest shared for the music in the diversity of its codes, little by little an other link takes shape, an urgency to be lived and to be said, that the progress of Baldo through the city reveals.

Right now, only some videos from these shootings have been shown. In 2016, we decide to work together on the various filmed elements for a future exhibition with Eric Tandy, journalist and lyric writer of the french punk band Les Olivensteins.