D'ici là dl-2 dl-3 dl-4 dl-5
2 x 18-minute video installation on two screens

with the participation of Georg Ballin, Lamine Belaala, Bobga Cletus, Vincent De Wroblewsky, Jana Debrodt, Fränk Heller, Ewa Köhler-Mikonska, Roy Mahfouz, Maria Scharffenberger, Henry Tassenoy, Nihal Tunc

In this video installation, separation and uprooting are tackled through the search for new markers situated in Berlin’s public space.  Each participant contributes to the material and imaginary construction of his or her representation.

Each participant’s self-staging engages a process of projection and intimate reflection on his or her history and paths, situated at the edge of “History.”  The landscapes of the German-Polish border present a territorial separation that evokes another time, echoing fleeting presences located in Berlin’s urban environment.

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