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With Anne Kawala, Gérald Kurdian, Romain Métivier, Florent Pinzuti, Marie Voignier

Collective show curated by Pauline Fouché and Élise Leclercq Bérimont

De-focusing, de-stabilizing, and de-sanctifying: these are the principal holds in the wrestling match between story and artwork in the Débords exhibition.

The space is set into a story : the exhibition becomes syntax. Whenever the story seems to be killing itself by means of the artwork, the purpose of which takes over, it is paradoxically in the artwork, that the story can be reborn. This conjunction of story and artwork inspires me with its specter of an author, whose lips or body I do not see moving, but which I “hear” telling me something from the “belly” of the work.

Production: EN COURS space, Pauline Fouché and Élise Leclercq Bérimont
Year : 2008