DI-3 DI-11 Place2 DI-8 DI-5 DI-6 DI-4 DI-0 Place Yoga
CLICHEZ-NOUS ! - HDV color edited video, diptych 2 x 10 minutes
INTERNAL DISORDERS - HDV color edited video, 26 minutes
LA GRILLE - One sequence HDV color video, 3 minutes 45
LA PLACE - One sequence HDV color video, 5 minutes 30
L’ÉCHELLE DES QI - One sequence HDV color video, 4 minutes 30
POSITION INVERSÉE - One sequence HDV color video, 9 minutes 30
LES CHARGES DU CAHIER - HDV color edited video, 4 minutes

This residency appears in the continuation of a workshop led in the same school during year 2011 - 2012, within the teaching program of LE BAL.

During this workshop, they approached the figure of youngsters of the suburbs with the pupils, initiating a research on representations and speeches usually linked to it. A collective ten minutes video installation was realized with the pupils staging and questioning the mythological dimension of this figure seemingly well determined.

During my residency in 2012 - 2013, I proposed a collective review of the school internal rules and Henri Wallon's texts, a famous french psychologist and educationalist whose school took the name, in association with the pupils and adults who accompany them every day.

"Internal disorders" plays with social relationships and the passage between individual and school community, sharing with us imaginary spaces which resist and question our relationship with reality and standard within school.

40 pages and DVD edition, 300 copies with a text written by art historian and curator Morad Montazami :


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Production : DRAC Île-de-France, LE BAL/La Fabrique du Regard, Khiasma, Superprisme

Year : 2012-2013

> Le BAL, La Fabrique du Regard
> Espace Khiasma