With dove allouche & evariste richer • jesse d’angelo • henri armengol • mr. audax • charles barbant • bob basset • émile bayard • adrien beau • leon benett • franco brambilla • matthew buchholz • ray caesar • marc & eric caro • bill domonkos • lloyd dunn • hugh ferriss • camille flammarion • léon gimpel • didier graffet • maurice «redstar» grunbaum • laurent grasso • stéphane halleux • henri lanos • élise leclercq bérimont • georges méliès • laurent montaron • sam van olffen • plonk & replonk • hugues reip • franck rezzak • albert robida • lucien rudaux • ruppert & mulot • markus schinwald • samon takahashi • tempus factoris • keith thompson • étienne leopold trouvelot • xavier veilhan • jean-luc verna

Curator : Jean-François Sanz

The intense fascination for the future revealed by certain past works is reciprocated by the equally intense appeal that these past works have for contemporary artists,notably through the historical form of modernism.

The exhibition takes a transversal approach, intersecting different aesthetic and temporal veins. A selection of work from contemporary artists will be grouped with older work and documents – each giving perspective to the others.

The dynamic explored here rests on a continual shifting back and forth between the past and the future, veritable time travels through creation. These shifts in time, which are brought up to our progressive present by bringing together the cultural output of different eras, are nonetheless defined by a sensibility, an aesthetic and shared interests.

> "An archeology of the future", by Morad Montazami - Catalogue of the show

> Galerie du jour agnès b.
> 50 Howard Street