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When I met artconnexion’s team, they were setting up an artist residency in Ferrière-la-Grande, the city where grew up my father, the writer and poet Luc Bérimont. Thus, for me who usually proceed by urban investigation and meetings with inhabitants, the perception of Ferrière-la-Grande and its social context, was only richer ; like a journey on lands at the same time new and known, combining distance and the intimate, personal trajectory and the socioeconomic history of the city.

Even if, in the same way as in my previous residencies in other urban contexts, the project in Ferrière-la-Grande deals with the questions of local identity, geographical and historical borders, public and private places, it thus assumes a new dimension. This one consists in thinking the conditions of a possible «dialogue» from among my visual work and that of my father, as the exhibition shows between the lines.

All the interest of the dialogue between literature words and the «unspoken» of the filmed performance, reveals itself in the common tension which crosses them : between speaking and introspection, between self-assertion, of a voice or a presence, and construction of  the necessary space for its emergence.

At the heart of the project is the railroad that crosses the city in its center, its presence has been forgotten by inhabitants. The railroad acts as a catalyst between the history of the city and it's actual existence, punctuates the meetings with the inhabitants.

Production : Fondation de France New Patrons program, City of Ferrière-la-Grande, idem+arts

Year : 2010 - 2011

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