With the participation of Yves Minguy

Production : Un Monde Meilleur Production, Médiapart
Direction : Élise Leclercq Bérimont
Year : 2010-2011

This project obtained the New Media development help of the CNC (National Cinema Center)

In 2010, I met the production company Un monde meilleur, which proposed me to realize a series of videos for the Web inspired by my video approach, in echo with the current cultural and political events in the media.

It's in this context that I met Yves Minguy, a France Télécom employee on long lasting sick leave at present, having undergone quite hard the internal reorganizations of the company within the framework of "Next Plan" which caused 22 000 unemployed. After a nervous breakdown from which he went out with the head up, he decided to create the association of the "Next wounded" to help the families of the victims and give a visibility to the people directly affected by the management of the company.

Other Yves Minguy's facet, he's now the new president of the association "Nostrum Swamp", located in the Somme region, which manages a magnificent fishing swamp. It is in this precise place that he wished to be filmed for this project, giving another echo to his France Télécom career.

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