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"Patience", 6 minutes video installation
"Gestures", 3 x 12 minutes videos

For this piece of work, realized and presented at the Journées du Patrimoine 2009, I approached three psychiatric hospitals located in Flanders by taking an interest in the relationships between people and architecture, in particular the relationships that these spaces make possible daily between the external world and the internal.

Places designated as psychiatric hospitals are little-known and often only perceived as places of confinement.  This lack of knowledge leads to a stereotyped, outdated perception, far from the everyday modern reality of these places of care and the people who work there.

The videos I produced give an account of the presence and gestures that inhabit these spaces notably through filmed portraits of staff and patients. 

Production : Conseil Général de la région Nord – Pas-de-Calais, EPSM Lille Metropolis, Psychiatrisch Centrum O.L Vrouw Van Vrede of Menin, Belgium.

Year : 2009