Port sans bail
Since 2006, I have set up several workshops, involving photography and video, for persons accommodated at the samusocial of Paris, an emergency place for homeless people.

The workshop is organised as a collective artistic project, proposing an opening and a remote stake of everyday life with visual tools. Each participant is a full actor of the project and may influence its evolution by his propositions. This approach is inscribed in a context where workshops are mainly perceived as activites. Thus, this workshop tries to encourage a production of images "moving the frame" in the sense they have the capacity to disrupt roles and relations by questionning everyday life of the accommodated persons and professionals.

"Port sans bail" video was realised in echo with the workshops. During a few days journey, organized by the samusocial of Paris and the Tournesol Association, in the seaside city of Portbail located in Normandy, I filmed some specific moments spent with the persons she met, trying to let the rifts, what escapes and misses in the meetings, appear.

Production: Tournesol Association, samusocial of Paris
13-minute video
Year : 2008

> Tournesol Association, Artists at the hospital