The way it goes
7-minute video

This video, filmed in Ramallah, Palestine, was created in connection with the collective creation of the performance V A S T E, featuring the Belgian choreographer Julien Bruneau and the Palestinian filmmakers of Idioms Film :

Mohanad and Julien share the stage, facing the audience. They are 27 years old. They are artists. The former is a photographer and producer; the latter, a dancer and choreographer. Mohanad is Palestinian and lives in Ramallah. Julien is Belgian, established in Brussels. The piece opens on their respective self-portraits. Across the image, the dance and the word appear as two identities that tangle together, that play with the scene’s power of “fictionality.” What interests us here is to bring into play at full speed the elusive gap between reality and its representation. Other people appear on the stage around the duo. Then, the two dancers (European) and two photographers (Palestinian) form a quartet. 

The “event” created by the dance is directly documented by the photographers. With their images they offer, a history to the dancers, a history of their own dance simultaneously reinterpreted by photography. But it is a subjective history, transformed by the viewpoint and choices of the photographers. It is here a question of reality and its representation, of the multiplicity of processes implicated in a personal account, of the creation of a memory, of its sharing and the possibility of being dispossessed of it.

Conception: Julien Bruneau with the cooperation of the artists involved
Photography: Reem Shilleh, Sami Saïd
Choreography and dance: Julien Bruneau and Anouk Llaurens
Playwright, sound environment : Élise Leclercq Bérimont

Production : TEMPS D’IMAGES Festival, part of the MASARAT/ Palestine programming. With the help of CGRI, Maison Folie of Mons, De Pianofabriek and Romaeuropa Festival.
Year : 2007

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