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With Aurélie Gavras, Amélie Cabocel, Axel Claes, Amélie Dubois, Anne Kawala, Andréas Stathopoulos, Célia Jankowski, Collectif Guèr-bez, Conoculus Collective, Damien Guggenheim, Estelle Brun, Evgenija Wassilew, Florent Pinzuti, Julien Bruneau, Katia Gosselin, Laëtitia Badaut-Haussmann, Marc Shepers, Pauline Fouché, Rebecca Digne, Sim Cha Chi, Tom Nisse, Virginie Grahovac

Collective exhibition organised by Céline Marique and Élise Leclercq Bérimont

By reading the Georges Bataille text "The fortune" (in "Inner Expérience", 1943), Céline Marique and I wished to subject it to other visual artists while knowing that it might be diverted, worsened and even emptied of its sense. The show in Brussels presented the different propositions through a collective cartography giving an echo to the original text. This, regarding the text itself, opening to the possible and being differently tinged according to the physical and mental state of the reader.

Production: RTT space, Céline Marique and Élise Leclercq Bérimont