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11-minute video installation on a monitor

A trip to Tunisia during the winter of 2006 with the poet Tom Nisse made it possible to meet with the writers of Tunisia, with poets living in exile, as well as with political opposition participants, in order to make this video project.

A voice-over done by Jalloul Azzouna, a spokesman for the Ligue des Ecrivains Libres de Tunisie (League of Free Writers of Tunisia) explains the state of contemporary poetry in his country. He raises specific issues (political, social, and cultural) that Tunisian poets are facing today.  His voice is punctuated by a song interpreted by Mohamed Bhar and a number of poems appear in filigree over the image during the whole narrative. Usures aims to be a modest homage to these invisible poets who whisper aloud. 

The video was developed for a broadcast via a monitor placed on one of the shelves of the Bibliothèque National of Montréal during its presentation at the 7th MIVAEM, on the theme of the “invisible city.”

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